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Size, Shape,Thickness


CR80 and CR50 are the most common sizes for plastic card.


Standard credit card size. It is aslo the most popular size use in today

ISO standard defination

Size: 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 inches)

Thickness: 0.76 mm

Corners rounded with a radius of 3.18 mm


It is used mainly for hotel door keys and luggage tags

ISO standard defination

Size: 88.90 × 44.50 mm (3.500 × 1.750 inches)

Thickness: 0.76 mm

Corners rounded with a radius of 3.18 mm


Combo Card

These cards provide high impact for everyday use. Individual key tags can be thermal printed with matching data such as serial numbers or barcodes.Three versions are available with either one, two, or three individual key tags with matching variable data.

3 UP key tag

Standard card size that can break into three small pieces of key tags.
The standard card shape means this three-tag combination processes less expensively in standard personalization equipment. The cards' outside dimensions and thickness match a standard card.

CR80 + 1 up key tag

Standard card with one matching breakaway key tag.

Applications: membership/club cards, loyalty program cards, library cards, lost and found key chain programs

CR80 + 2 UP key tag

Standard card with two matching breakaway Key Tags.

Application: supermarket family program, frequent shopper, and membership programs.

Customized Combo Card

Give us your unique design and we will make it possible.


Custom shaped card

Want to get people's attention? Use your imagination and customize the shape to impress customers.

Star Trend will customize the shape by die cutting the card to any dimensions you need.



Stand thickness of plastic card is 0.76 mm.

Star Trend can customize the thickness upon you request.

  • CR80

  • CR50

  • 3 UP key tag

  • CR80 + 1 up key tag

  • Customized Combo Card

  • Custom shaped card
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