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Plastic Card

It is the most popular item, and it has been used everyday in our life such us credit card, ID card, membership card and more.

Our product include: Blank white card, pre-prindted card, blank pantone color card, and more.

We can definitely print your unique design on the transparent material to make transparent and frosted card.


Paper Card

Paper is less a expensive alternative; it is easier to print on and produces significantly less loss.

Paper cards allow customers to store and display their products much more efficiently than they can with blister packed plastic cards. Paper is also safer for the environment.

Paper cards are best used when a provider needs a large quantity of cards because the manufacturing of the paper card can be done more economically for larger production runs. The best example will be pre-paid phone card.


Metal card

Metal cards are manufactured from decorative grade stainless steel cards. We chemically etch the surface of the steel and cut through the card with incredible precision, allowing us to produce complex and detailed designs.

Metal business card is the most popular item of metal card application because of it's beautiful and unique look.

It is hard for people to forget the card, and the person.

  • Blank white card --- Plastic card

  • Pre-printed card --- Plastic card

  • Transparent card --- Plastic card

  • Frosted card --- Plastic card

  • Pre-paid phone card

  • Metal business card
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