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What kind of card do you need? First of all, let us know the use of different card.


There is a variety use of plastic card in today's technologically advancing world; from basic credit card or photo ID card, to proximity access control cards. Below is a comprehensive selection of card applications : business cards, membership cards, luggage tags, phone cards, medical identification card, gift card, promotion card, hotel card . Litho printed cards are also used in the following fields: access control, health care identification, transportation, customer loyalty, promotions and more.


Do you want plastic cards that reflect your business identity? Star Trend makes it easy for you. Our litho printed plastic cards are customized with your logo and idea— and an unlimited combination of designs, 4-color and Pantone color options. We also have clear cards, transparent cards, and metallic effect cards with many ideas for special effects.


Contact us, and we will make your idea come true.

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