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By adding these accessories such as magnetic stripe, signature panel, hologram, and scratch-off label, cards become more functional and more secure.

Magnetic Stripe

Magstripes come in two main varieties: high-coercivity (HiCo) at 4000 Oe and low-coercivity (LoCo) at 300 Oe but it is not infrequent to have intermediate values at 2750 Oe. High-coercivity magstripes are harder to erase, and therefore are appropriate for cards that are frequently used or that need to have a long life. Low-coercivity magstripes require a lower amount of magnetic energy to record, and hence the card writers are much cheaper than machines which are capable of recording high-coercivity magstripes. A card reader can read either type of magstripe, and a high-coercivity card writer may write both high and low-coercivity cards (most have two settings, but writing a LoCo card in HiCo may sometimes work), while a low-coercivity card writer may write only low-coercivity cards.

Magnetic stripe cards are used in very high volumes in the mass transit sector, replacing paper based tickets with either a directly applied magnetic slurry or hot foil stripe. Slurry applied stripes are generally less expensive to produce and are less resilient but are suitable for cards meant to be disposed after a few uses.


Signature Panel

The purpose is add security to plastic cards in the event that the card is lost or stolen. Credit cards are not the only type of plastic card that benefits from this feature. Signature panels are common on membership and loyalty cards and on ID Badges. When the card is used (most often in conjunction with a signature-authorized transaction, like a credit card), the card holder's signature can be compared with that on the back of the card to verify that it is authorized.



Holograms and holographic products are today widely used in any and every industry to enhance the image of their brands as an genuine and authenticated brand in the market. Since holograms are almost impossible to counterfeit, they are widely used for security applications. Also , It is a known fact that holograms are looked at significantly and longer than other graphic mediums because they are eye-catching. Any name or logo or slogan on the hologram has greater impact and the message is enforced. Add hologram on your card not only can prevent fraud but also make It more secure for the card holders.


Scratch-off Label

Scratch off panels are common throughout society. It means one or more areas on the card contain concealed information: they are covered by a substance (usually latex) that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off. Applications include gambling (especially lottery games), quizzes, and to conceal PINs for telephone calling cards and other prepaid services. Star Trend offer customized size ,color, and shape of scratch-off label to make your card beautiful and unique.

  • Magstripe

  • Signature panel

  • Hologram

  • Scratch off label
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